• FAQ


Congratulations on your new tattoo! Quality is truly our commitment, and as such, we would like to review these easy steps with you to ensure your new tattoo heals optimally:

 1. Leave the piece of Derm Shield on for 8 to 24 hours. It is normal for it to fill with fluid, especially with color tattoos. If you have fluid under your bandage, do not leave it for several days.

 2. To remove the bandage and clean it, it’s best to do in the shower. Hot water and soap will help to peel it off. It is really stretchy so it does come off easily. Clean it gently with a mild liquid soap. Do not scrub very hard. Liquid Dial Gold Soap works well for cleaning.


3. After you are out of the shower, let the tattoo air dry or gently dab it with a towel. Do not use lotion. Lotion will prevent the second piece of Derm Shield from sticking to your skin.

 4. Peel the white side off of the bandage first, revealing the sticky side. *Do not let it stick to itself, you won’t be able to separate it once it does.* Carefully apply it directly over the tattoo. It’s best to press down in the middle first, then work it out to the sides to prevent bubbles. Then look for the orange/yellow seam to peel off the clear plastic layer with the plus signs. Bubbles or creases will not affect the healing process. It just looks better if you try not to get bubbles. The bandage is so thin and has a matte finish that if applied perfectly, you won’t be able to tell you have anything on top of the tattoo.

 5. This second bandage can be worn for 3 to 5 days. It is waterproof so you can shower and go about your day without having to mess with it. *Large or color tattoos may seep fluid under the first bandage and again into the second. If that happens, replace the second piece and leave the third one on for 3 to 5 days.* It is normal for the piece that is worn for several days to have an imprint of the entire tattoo attached to it once you remove it. People often think that the bandage pulled ink off of your tattoo. Traditional healing where you use lotion, the first layer of skin usually sheds in the shower and peels. With these bandages, that layer of skin is trapped under the bandage. It is normal that it comes off with the bandage.

 6. The third bandage is optional, You can use it if you seeped into the first and second piece. You can also use the third piece if it still feels like it’s healing after your second piece. After you are done with the bandages, they should have healed you past the point of scabbing so you skipped that phase of the healing process. It might be in the final peeling phase where it looks like sun burn peeling skin, you can use a little bit of lotion to maintain the flaking skin and give your tattoo a fresh look until the peeling skin is gone.

 If you have any questions about your aftercare, please feel free to give us a call at: 330-757-4824, or stop in and let one of our professionals walk you through the process!