• FAQ


How do I book an appointment?

Please fill out the contact form on our website. We will be in touch to answer any questions or set a date. Be sure to fill out everything and include any important notes regarding your tattoo. It is very helpful if you include photo references to give us an idea of what style you are looking for.

How far out are you booking?

Each of our artists manages their own schedule. Most of our artists are booked out a few months, but depending on what you'd like to have done, they might be able to squeeze you in sooner if they have an opening. Once we receive your tattoo request we will respond with availability.


We have a $100 retainer fee that is required to pick and hold a date. The retainer goes toward the price of the tattoo so you will have a credit of $100. This ensures that our artists will reserve a date and time for your appointment. The retainer is non refundable and non transferable. You will lose your retainer if you do not show up to your appointment.

What if I have to reschedule?

You must contact your artist within 48 hours of your appointment to reschedule. Your retainer will transfer to your new date up to two times. If you do not give advanced notice, it's up to the artist to decide if they want to transfer your retainer to a new date. Keep in mind, if you cancel your appointment last minute and the artist doesn't have enough time to fill the date, they do not make money that day.

What if I feel sick before my appointment?

If you feel sick for any reason PLEASE RESCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT! Even if it's the morning of your appointment and you wake up not feeling well! We will work together to reschedule when you are feeling better.

Do you offer piercing?

No we do not offer piercing.

When do I get to see the artwork for my tattoo?

The tattoo artwork will be ready for you the day of your appointment. We do not email designs in advance.

Can I make changes to my tattoo artwork?

Yes, there is time built into your appointment to make minor changes to the artwork. However, if you completely change the design idea additional time might be needed to draw new artwork and could possibly result in having to reschedule your tattoo appointment. We may charge a 're-draw' fee if your edits do not line up with the details you've described in your original request. It is important to include all details in your email correspondences. If you decide to completely change your idea, that's not a problem, but you need to give us at least two weeks notice.

Do you take walk-ins?

Our shop does not always have availability for walk-ins. It's a case by case basis depending on artist availability. Most of our artists are booked out with appointments. It's best to call ahead to check if anyone has time for a walk-in. If no one has time that day, we could schedule an appointment with you. If any of our artists get a cancellation they would like to fill, we typically post to our Facebook and Instagram to let you know that we have an opening.

When can I expect the artist to reply to my message?

Please allow a couple days. If the artist has not gotten back to you, please send them a follow up message or contact the shop directly. They have an incredibly high volume of messages to sort through per day.

Shop Rates

We charge $200 per hour and have a $75 minimum. Price depends on artist or range of difficulty.  Size, detail, color, placement all factor into the price. If you'd like a ballpark quote you can ask your artist to give you an idea of how long it might take. Please note that any quotes given are merely educated guesses as to how long they think it might take.

Do you tattoo minors?

Yes, but anyone under the age of 18 must have parental consent. A parent must be present, sign our consent form and legal photo ID must be provided for both client and the parent. Last names must match on both forms of ID. We accept drivers licenses, passports and birth certificates. This is a strict legal issue and we do enforce it.

What if I need touch-ups on my tattoo?

All of our artists take pride in the quality of their work, and apply each tattoo properly and professionally, However, we understand that sometimes life happens and you may need a touch-up on your tattoo. If your tattoo does not heal as intended, you have 3 months (from the day you got tattooed) to book a touch up appointment with your artist free of charge. If you wait until after the 3 month period, you will be charged our hourly rate. You as the client are responsible for your tattoo once you leave the shop. Please refer to our aftercare instructions on our website or call the shop if you have any questions.

Do you do cover ups?

Yes we do, but they are a case by case basis. Some cover ups may be beyond what our artists are comfortable taking on. It's best to be open minded about what you plan to cover it with. Sometimes what you'd like to cover it with may not actually work. It's best to stop in person for our artists to see what they are working with and have a conversation with you about your options. We may have a higher hourly rate for challenging cover ups due to the additional time involved. The design process can be more involved and the tattoo may take a couple of passes to fully cover up the existing tattoo.